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Stick Man War - Legacy (MOD, Unlimited Money) v2021.1.34.apk.2021


MOD information?


  • Diamonds increase as spent!


  • Upgrade 1000 gold coins
  • Know the occupied population
  • Lots of diamonds
  • Unlimited upgrades
  • Exercise without cooldown
  • Open the box casually

The strategy genre is the most powerful and superior in the video game industry, even divided into different styles and easily accessible players. In particular, strategy games that use friendly stickman graphics, have the foremost straightforward gameplay, and are loved by many.. This article will introduce  Stick War: Legacy  , a stickman strategy game with lots of interesting elements and endless gameplay for players to enjoy and explore. Apart from that, the game's tactical elements are simple and widely used, but it has a lot to offer and gives players the most refreshing feeling and experience for the tactical genre.

Perang Tongkat: Warisan (MOD, Uang Tidak Terbatas)


Stick War: Legacy has a lot of strategy and is spread over many different lands to keep players entertained. Each campaign has a small quest, and the total game time can run into hundreds of hours of play. Next is the diversity of armies and countries for players to start, when the characteristics of each option are different and give players more impressive discoveries. After introducing each troop, the player has only one goal in each mission: to destroy all enemies with resources accumulated over time and a powerful army. Moreover, this game lacks detailed control and depth, so the battlefield in this game deserves the most chaotic and noisy concept.

Perang Tongkat: Warisan (MOD, Uang Tidak Terbatas)


The game mechanics are simple and friendly for all ages, and players just need to focus on deploying the most suitable combat units on the battlefield. The AI ​​will take care of everything else, and will automatically control everything but still make sure the victory will be the player's if they deploy troops strategically. However, if players wish to deploy combat units, they must have sufficient resources to gain from defeating enemies. The war will end if one of the two bases on each side is destroyed, so players must destroy the enemy base in whatever form they use. Of course, if players know how to combine vehicles and soldiers each period, it will increase the chances of winning.

Perang Tongkat: Warisan (MOD, Uang Tidak Terbatas)


Stick War: Legacy will introduce basic system evolutions and upgrades in each campaign, and players will have to develop everything to the best of their ability to win. What is impressive in this game is that all combat units are useful in many situations, and they can acquire better abilities if the player upgrades them continuously. The evolutionary system is the most important thing, and the evolutionary conditions will change over time. After evolving, all combat units will undergo significant changes as weapons and vehicles become more modern and powerful. In addition, the system will significantly improve the defense system of the base, and their range will increase so that players become more creative in each battle.

Perang Tongkat: Warisan (MOD, Uang Tidak Terbatas)


In addition to the upgraded and evolving system, players can use skills with a high degree of destruction and affect the entire battlefield. However, the effect is different, and the cooling time is long depending on each upgrade. On the other hand, special skills can only affect combat units, and players can unlock and equip various skills before entering the battlefield. The diversity of skills gives players a variety of options for developing effective strategies, and using them at critical moments can change a player's game.

Perang Tongkat: Warisan (MOD, Uang Tidak Terbatas)


The strategy genre is endlessly expandable and provides players with tons of new elements to explore and enjoy in each game. Fortunately, Stick War: Legacy has a wide variety of different game modes, and players can enjoy endless battles with their powerful army. Depending on the game mode, the rules of the game will vary, and the player will have access to new and exclusive combat units in his mode. Of course, the rewards of this mode are generous and funny, always giving players the right motivation to enjoy endless games.

Perang Tongkat: Warisan (MOD, Uang Tidak Terbatas)


Stick War: The old content and gameplay would be more boring and saturated than most of today's strategy games without the military customization look. When players participate in additional game modes, they're going to have the chance to receive fun outfits and personalize each unit with various options. This feature will make the player's army richer and more vibrant and show off uniformity and majesty in battle.


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